Unleashing Innovation: ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes

Posted - January 22, 2024

By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger

When it comes to unveiling products that make a difference in the lives of pets, Pet King Brands sets the bar high. As the industry leader in enzyme-based pet healthcare brands ZYMOX® Enzymatic Ear and Skin and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care, Pet King Brands proudly announces its latest product launch.  

Backed by the same patented LP3 enzyme system, ZYMOX announces Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes for dogs and cats. Each six-ounce jar contains 100 fragrance-free and dye-free wipes without any alcohol, harsh chemicals, or detergents that may irritate pets’ ears.  

Each advanced enzymatic ear wipe contains aloe vera and a combination of protein, enzymes, and surfactants to gently remove dirt and wax. 

Ear wipes are a convenient solution for pet parents who want to maintain a pet’s ear health on the go or in between regular ear cleaning. Certain breeds are more prone to ear problems due to their anatomy, but all dogs can benefit from keeping their ears fresh and clean.  

The Power of Enzymatic Technology 

LP3 patented enzymes are catalysts that accelerate biochemical reactions, and in the case of ZYMOX’s ear wipes, they work to break down and eliminate harmful microbes and debris in your pet’s ears. This enzymatic approach sets ZYMOX apart from conventional ear cleaning products, offering pet parents a gentle yet potent solution. 

The enzymatic action targets bacteria, yeast, and fungi without disturbing the natural balance of your pet’s ear environment, providing a safe and effective solution for routine ear care. 

Stress-Free Application 

Understanding the diverse needs of pet owners, ZYMOX’s Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes are designed for use with both dogs and cats. Whether you have a playful pup or a sophisticated feline friend, these wipes cater to each species’ unique ear hygiene requirements. This versatility makes ZYMOX a one-stop solution for multi-pet households, simplifying the grooming routine. 

Ease of Use 

As with all ZYMOX products, the ease of application and usage is paramount. The premium strength textured wipes are easy to grip, won’t tear, and are clinically proven to be hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and leave ears smelling fresh. They can be used daily or as needed for your pet’s overall ear maintenance.  

Why Clean Ears Matter 

One of the top reasons pet parents visit the veterinarian is for ear issues with their dog or cat. Clean ears matter because ear infections can occur without proper hygiene and maintenance.  

Preventing ear infections is paramount to your pet’s overall well-being. Signs of ear infection in your dog or cat include: 

  • Odor 
  • Discharge 
  • Redness of the ear canal 
  • Scabs or crust forming in the outer canal 
  • Your paw pawing, scratching, or rubbing their ears 

ZYMOX‘s Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes work without antibiotics or chemicals, which makes pets and their parents happy. 

Where To Find ZYMOX Products  

For detailed information about Pet King Brand’s complete line of enzymatic pet health products and where to purchase them, visit zymox.com. 

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Arden Moore

Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant as a “dog lover of the highest order” when she and her Cocker Spaniel, Dexter, appeared on Oprah Radio. Carol is well-known in the pet industry, having appeared on television, radio shows, and podcasts, as well as in articles from CNN and Yahoo to Dogster and Today.com. She is the founder of the award-winning blog FidoseofReality.com and is the Immediate Past President of the Dog Writers Association of America.



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