Calm, Soothe and Support Healthy Skin and Coat

Keep your pet’s skin calm, comfortable, and healthy with ZYMOX® Dermatology products. Provide relief for itchy, inflamed or irritated skin with the soothing power of enzymes. These non-toxic, topical products feature a natural, multi-complex enzyme formulation to gently calm angry skin and promote healthy skin without harsh ingredients. Recommended by veterinarians and groomers to support the optimal health of skin – your pet’s first line of defense.

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Soothing Skin Relief

  • Relief for itchy or inflamed allergy skin
  • Calm and soothe irritations
  • Promote healthy skin and coat
  • Use on dogs, cats, small animals, exotics, horses

Pets Get Allergies Too

Humans sneeze. Pets get itchy or infected. The most common reaction to allergens in humans primarily occurs in the respiratory tract.  Many pets with allergy symptoms have dermatology issues and scratch and gnaw at the skin.  Pets weakened by allergies become susceptible to ear infections, itchy skin (dermatitis), hot spots, yeast overgrowth and general bacterial/fungal infections. 


Is the ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Shampoo and Conditioner replacing the current shampoo and conditioner?

No. There will be a formula with and a formula without oat extract for both the shampoos and conditioners

What is the difference between the ZYMOX shampoo and the ZYMOX advanced enzymatic shampoo?

The new products feature the same trusted LP3 Enzyme System that is at the center of all ZYMOX and Oratene products, plus the addition of Avena Sativa (oat) extract, creating a hypoallergenic formulation. These new products will be ideal for the animal experiencing sensitive, dry, irritated, or itchy skin.

Is the smell any different in the new ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Shampoo or Conditioner? do they smell like the other shampoo and conditioner?

The scent of the new products has not changed and will continue to have our signature scent.

Is the ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Shampoo and Conditioner available for purchase now?

It is currently for sale at PetSmart. It will be available at other retailers, ecommerce sites and beginning September 1, 2022.

What is Avena Sativa?

Avena Sativa extract is derived from oat, also known as oat extract, and used in many skin and hair products. It is beneficial in helping to aid in healing itchy, raw, dry skin.

Does the ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Shampoo and Conditioner contain oatmeal?

No, the ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Shampoo and Conditioner does not contain oatmeal. These products contain Avena sativa (oat extract).

The ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Conditioner doesn’t have the words leave-on in the name as the other conditioner does, can it still be used as a leave-on?

Both conditioners can be rinsed off or left on to dry. The conditioners can also be applied directly to the skin as a lotion or diluted with water (if used immediately)

Will the ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Conditioner dry greasy or leave a residue if not rinsed off?

No, the conditioner will not dry greasy or leave a residue.

My pet is allergic to oats. should a pet use the new advanced shampoo and/or conditioner which contains oat extract?

Some dogs or cats can be allergic to oats but these are typically from oral ingestion.  However, introduction of some allergens/irritants can be introduced from dry or cracked skin.   For a pet with known oat allergens it is not recommended to use a shampoo or conditioner with oats, oatmeal or colloidal oatmeal.   While our oat extract may be beneficial for most dogs or cats with dry skin, for a pet with a known hypersensitivity to oat, it is not recommended to use the new formulation of shampoo and conditioner.


Is it necessary that I use ZYMOX Shampoo before applying the ZYMOX Leave-On Conditioner, or can I use the shampoo that I already have?

ZYMOX Shampoo is the recommended shampoo to use with ZYMOX Leave-On Conditioner because its known gentle plant surfactants will not affect the enzyme formula in the rinse and its effectiveness. ZYMOX Shampoo does not contain harsh detergents, pesticides, colorings or residual petroleum products that might cause unnecessary skin irritation. These and other harsh surfactants used in many other pet shampoos could potentially destroy or disrupt the enzymes in the Leave-On Conditioner.

Can ZYMOX Shampoo and ZYMOX Leave-On Conditioner be used on irritated skin due to flea or tick infestation?

Once a flea and/or tick infestation has been resolved, ZYMOX Shampoo can be used to manage irritated skin followed by ZYMOX Leave-On Conditioner.

How are ZYMOX skin and ear products different from other products on the market?

The ZYMOX line of skin and ear care products contains no antibiotics or harsh chemicals but rather employs the powerful, patented LP3 enzyme system. The products can safely be used on all aged pets.

Can ZYMOX Shampoo and ZYMOX Leave-On Conditioner be used on mange?

ZYMOX Shampoo and ZYMOX Leave-On Conditioner can be used to soothe irritated skin after through treatment for mange.

Is your shampoo antibacterial?

Yes, antibacterial and antifungal.

The shampoo/conditioner does not have an expiration date.

Most of our products have a 3 year expiry date, except for the Shampoo and Conditioner, it has a 5 year expiry. The lot code on the bottom has 6 digits, the first two are the year and the second two are the month. The product expiration date will be five years after that lot code date.

Have the ingredients of the shampoo and rinsed changed?

No, the labels now contain the base ingredients along with the enzyme formulas.

What happened to the Itch Relief Shampoo and Conditioner?

We relabeled our products in 2019. The Shampoo is now just called Shampoo and the conditioner is called Leave-On Conditioner.

Can the conditioner be used as a leave-on lotion?

Yes it can, but it may be too thick for dogs with long fur. Try diluting it a little bit in a clean bowl first.


How do I ensure optimal results when used for irritated skin?

In order to optimize results using ZYMOX Topical Spray or Cream, follow the no pre-cleaning protocol. Rinsing the area with water is allowed, however, no cleaning or antiseptic agent is necessary before using ZYMOX topicals. When dealing with itchy allergy skin and general superficial skin irritations, many pet owners have found ZYMOX Shampoo and Leave-On Conditioner to be excellent additions to the Cream and Spray.

How should I store the product?

ZYMOX products should be kept away from heat and stored at room temperature. Cold will not harm the enzymes. All bottles and tubes should be closed completely after each use.

Can ZYMOX skin care products be transferred to another bottle for application?

The transfer or decanting of ZYMOX products is not recommended due to the possibility of contamination and the enzymes being disrupted by coming in contact with any possible residue in the new container.

What is the difference between ZYMOX Ear and Skin Care available in stores and ZYMOX available through my veterinarian?

ZYMOX from a veterinarian have a higher concentration of hydrocortisone in comparison to OTC ZYMOX products found in stores and online. The base enzyme formulas are the same.

Can I use this product on hives or hot spots?

The Topical Cream & Spray can alleviate irritations and infections due to bacteria/fungus. For large areas recommend the use of the ZYMOX Topical Spray.

My pet licked their skin raw, can I use this product on raw skin?

Yes, the LP3 Enzyme System will also soothe skin while the hydrocortisone provides itch relief.

Do you offer the ZYMOX Topical Spray in a larger bottle?

We do not offer a larger size bottle for the Topical Spray.

Can I use a topical near, around, or on my pets genitals?

Yes, our topical products are nontoxic and can be safely used on all areas of the skin. In sensitive regions as described, consider using the ZYMOX Topical Cream which allows you to be more accurate in the application of the product.

My dog licks the cream/spray off, is it toxic?

ZYMOX doesn’t contain toxic ingredients so is safe if licked. However, depending on your pet’s sensitivity it could cause nausea if enough is consumed.

Proudly Made in the USA

Pet King Brands is committed to providing quality products proudly made in the USA that are safe, effective and free of harmful ingredients so animals can lead healthy, happy lives.

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