Digging Deep Into Skin and Ear Challenges in Cats and Kittens

Posted - April 15, 2024
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger Cats are the second most popular pet in the United States. According to the American Pet Read More

Pet First Aid Essentials: Building Your Emergency Kit

Posted - April 5, 2024
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger Just as people have first aid kits for unexpected mishaps, the same holds true for our beloved Read More

How To Combat Spring Allergies in Pets

Posted - March 18, 2024
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger Itching, sneezing, and watery eyes indicate that your pet may have spring allergies. Like Read More

Unleashing Innovation: ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes

Posted - January 22, 2024
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger When it comes to unveiling products that make a difference in the lives of pets, Pet King Read More

Leading Veterinary Dermatologist Reveals Help for Ear Infections

Posted - November 16, 2023
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger Ear infections of the outer ear are one of the most common reasons pet parents seek veterinary Read More

Pet Industry Leader Pet King Brands Continues Silver Anniversary Celebration

Posted - August 7, 2023
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger What does it take to become a pet industry leader and continue to serve pet parents for over Read More

Insight Into Five Cat Behavior Issues in Honor of National Cat Day

Posted - October 24, 2022
By Arden Moore - The Pet Health and Safety Coach™ Face the feline facts. Cats can be fussy, fascinating, frustrating, funny, and Read More

Summertime Ear Care and Preventing Dog Ear Infections

Posted - June 9, 2021
By Patricia Thomblison, DVM, MS Summertime living is easy…but for your dog’s ears, it may not be so much fun. Summertime often means Read More

Now Ear This! Read Your Dog’s Mood by His Ear Posturing

Posted - December 30, 2020
In this mask-wearing pandemic time, it's difficult to gauge a person’s mood because the mouth is covered. You can try to read the eyes Read More

Care for the Ear Infection Prone Pet

Posted - July 28, 2020
Some dogs and cats will never know the pain and discomfort of an ear infection. However, for an estimated 20% of the dog population ear Read More
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