Pet Care Industry Leader for Over 20 Years

ZYMOX® Dermatology and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care have been helping pets like yours find relief from problematic ear, skin, and mouth conditions since 1998. Founded on a belief that health care products should first do no harm, that belief still remains unchanged. Pet King Brands has been committed to offering effective products for the most common problems that affect pets most without the concern of side effects.

When we first began, Pamela K. Bosco found the inspiration to make ZYMOX available nationwide after her quest to help her own German Shepherd, Elizabeth, find relief from chronic, painful ear infections. A true visionary with a love for all animals, she knew ZYMOX could make a difference for so many, as it had for her Elizabeth. Her determination and unwavering commitment to provide safe, effective solutions that worked without antibiotics came to shape the future of the veterinary healthcare field. Now ZYMOX includes a full line of ear and skin topicals and brushless oral care products for use on any age of animal – small or large.

As of 2019, we have distributed over 1 million bottles of ZYMOX Otic Ear Solution and are eager to make strides and continue with the expansion of our pet health solutions through veterinarian offices and pet supply stores near you.

Enzyme System: Natural Relief for Your Pets

Pet King Brands products are designed with your pet’s health in mind. Our natural formulas have been created to provide therapeutic relief and deliver preventative, maintenance protection for your four-legged friends. Our patented LP3 and MD2 Enzyme Systems have made our products stand out amongst the throngs of pet products that claim to be all-natural. With the enzymes used in Zymox products, pet owners can now reduce the number of visits for chronic infections and ensure that their furry friends receive the oral and skin relief that they need. Our products gather their healing properties from natural dairy sources that create a safe, chemical-free. and gentle experience for your pets. With Zymox and Oratene lines on your side, you and your pets can truly experience the power of enzymes that the Pet King Brands Inc. has been committed to for the last 20-years.

ZYMOX Otic Named

#1 in Top 10
Best Cat Ear Cleaners

Experience High-Quality, Effective Solutions with Pet King Brands Inc.

You wouldn’t want a loved one to suffer from ear, skin, and mouth conditions, so your pets shouldn’t either. At Pet King Brands, we know that your pets are part of the family and that’s why we are dedicated to producing only the best in healthcare solutions for dogs, cats, equines and other exotic animals.

If you are ready to witness your pet heal naturally and painlessly from their ailments, Pet King Brand’s products can help. Contact us today to learn more about enzymes, our products and how we can offer both you and your pets relief.

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Proudly Made in the USA

Pet King Brands is committed to providing quality products proudly made in the USA that are safe, effective and free of harmful ingredients so animals can lead healthy, happy lives.

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