Does your pet have a dry mouth?

Posted - February 21, 2023
By Robert Devlin, DVM Dog drool can be a great source of laughter as seen in the movie Beethoven and in the Tom Hanks movie, Turner and Read More

Your Pet’s Dental Care

Posted - February 20, 2023
By Dr. Lindsay Butzer  As a veterinarian in a busy animal hospital, I see a lot of dental emergencies and a lot of problems that could Read More

How to Keep Good Dental Hygiene in Dogs

Posted - February 24, 2022
By Patricia Thomblison, DVM, MS Have you ever dreaded being in the dentist’s chair and answering the questions regarding how often you Read More

Be Down in Your Pet’s Mouth: Identifying and Preventing Five Dental Issues In Dogs and Cats

Posted - February 14, 2022
By Arden Moore - The Pet Health and Safety Coach™ You may love wiggling a wand toy for your ready-to-pounce cat or engage your dog Read More

How to Maintain Your Cat’s Dental Health

Posted - February 7, 2022
By Patricia Thomblison, DVM, MS Dental disease is a common problem for cats. The older they are, the more likely they are to have tooth Read More

Boosting “Can-Do” Confidence in Your Anxious Dog or Cat

Posted - February 1, 2022
By Arden Moore - The Pet Health and Safety Coach™ Many pets need steady doses of confidence throughout their lives to not have fear Read More

Dry Mouth: Learn to Spot the Red Flags

Posted - February 19, 2021
February is National Pet Dental Health Month and a great opportunity for us all to be reminded of the benefits of caring for our pet’s Read More

Help Is Here for Doggy Breath and Dry Mouth in Your Dog and
Yes, Even in Your Cat

Posted - February 8, 2021
By Arden Moore - The Pet Health and Safety Coach™ Let’s see how brave you are. I challenge you to cuddle with your dog or cat and Read More

Top Dogs Prone to Dental Problems

Posted - May 21, 2020
Anyone who has a beloved pet knows they would do anything to ensure that their pet’s health stays in top shape. However, even with the Read More

4 Reasons Your Dog Has Bad Breath

Posted - April 22, 2020
We all love our dogs but have to admit that sometimes their breath can seem rotten. While many owners tend to let this issue go Read More
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