Resolving Ear, Skin and Oral Conditions for Over 25 Years

We’re celebrating twenty five years of helping millions of animals live healthy lives by resolving ear, skin and oral conditions!

It all started twenty five years ago when a German Shepard named Elizabeth who suffered from chronic ear conditions, inspired the innovation of ZYMOX® Ear and Skin and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care products.

Today thanks to Elizabeth and her owner – Pet King Brands’ President and Founder Pam Bosco – ZYMOX and Oratene have helped countless pets around the world have healthier ears, skin and mouths since 1998.

Bosco with the help of her bioscientist brother, Michael Pellico, has revolutionized the way people care for animals’ ears, skin, and mouth by offering the first enzyme-based ear, skin and oral care products that are free of harsh chemicals and antibiotics.

Focused on the health and wellness of small and large animals of all ages, the products utilize the Power of the LP3 Enzyme System and have been Resolving Ear, Skin, and Oral Conditions for Over 25 Years. Pet King Brands’ product family also includes skin and ear care products just for cats and kittens; Equine Defense® skin care products for horses and other livestock; skin care products for birds, small animals, and exotics; and ZYLAFEN® for all kinds of reptiles. All ZYMOX and Oratene products are veterinarian approved and made in the USA.

Our Founder

Pamela K. Bosco is the President and Founder of Pet King Brands. When she started the company in 1998, she was prepared to show the veterinary world the power of ZYMOX® and her patented LP3 Enzyme System. She is the maker of our vet-recommended ZYMOX® Dermatology and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care product lines.

Over the last 25-years, Bosco has used her lifelong love for pets, concern for animal welfare and astute business skills to boost Pet King Brands to the top of the pet care industry. Since the inception of Pet King Brands, Bosco’s mission to do no harm and provide chemical-free, antibiotic-free, and safe products has never wavered.

Award-Winning Industry Leader

In 2019, Bosco was recognized by Pet Age Magazine as one of the year’s Women of Influence. Pamela was awarded this annual honor based on her life’s work and impact on the animal health and pet care industry.

The award was granted on the basis of the enzymatic solutions she helped create that have helped reduce bacterial resistance associated with oral, skin, and ear problems in animals.

She is proud to lead Pet King Brands and its growing product lines into the future of pet healthcare.

Helping Beyond Pet King Brands Products

Although Bosco recognizes that there is always room for growth in the pet health solutions industry, Pet King Brands isn’t where her impact on the quality of life for pets and animals stops.

Bosco is a major advocate for pet adoptions and the reduction of homeless pets. She has also made strides to improve the quality of life for animals in shelters across the nation. In 2018 she helmed the Internal Cause Marketing program that provides donations to help pets in foster care and animal shelters. Using the Pet King Brands name alone, she has ensured that over $300,000 of healthcare products have been donated to shelters across the nation.

Bosco currently lives in the Austin, Texas area on a ranch where she and her family have turned their property into a sanctuary for dogs, cats, horses, fowl, cattle, and other exotic animals.

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