Why Guinea Pigs Are Amazing Small Pets

Posted - March 6, 2024
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger Every March, the world celebrates National Adopt a Guinea Pig Month. However, Small pet owners Read More

Caring 101 for Small Animals and Exotics

Posted - July 25, 2023
By Carol Bryant, Professional Pet Blogger What do 6.7 million United States households have in common? According to the American Pet Read More

How to Care for Your Guinea Pigs 

Posted - April 19, 2023
By Patricia Thomblison, DVM, MS Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are sociable creatures that make great pets. They prefer to have Read More

New ZYMOX® Solutions for Cats & Kittens, Small Animals & Exotics, Birds, and Reptiles

Posted - February 3, 2023
What do cats, reptiles, birds, and small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters have in common? They can all be plagued with Read More
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