Passion and Desire to Help Pets

Posted - September 9, 2019

When I started Pet King Brands, I knew the ZYMOX® products were going to change the way problematic ear and skin issues were managed in pets.  At the time, antibiotic resistance was scarcely being discussed but the issue was there and is now a major threat. I was dealing with it first hand with my German Shephard rescue who was facing a total ear ablation due to resistant bacteria.  I credit ZYMOX with giving her relief.  Now, 20 years later, ZYMOX has had a tremendous impact on countless pets. As a pet parent,  what drew me to this industry was my love for all animals and deep conviction that we should be good stewards and provide quality care that does not harm our pets. Twenty years later, Pet King Brands is a small company making products that have a BIG impact.  All ZYMOX and Oratene Brushless Oral Care products continue to offer relief without compromise. I chose the road less traveled to lead Pet King Brands to become an industry leader. It wasn’t always the easiest, but it was the right path.  As a result, clinicians, groomers, rescues, and pet owners now have a portfolio of products to chose from to help that itchy dog or cat, that pet suffering from ear infections, that pet on medications needing special oral care, or that pet that needs daily oral care in general but wouldn’t receive it because other products are too cumbersome.  Today, ZYMOX and Oratene continue to offer solutions that work without antibiotics or harsh chemicals. Thank you for your passion for and desire to help pets. –Pamela K. Bosco, President and Pet Lover

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