International Women’s History Month: Spotlight on Pamela K Bosco, Pet King Brands, Inc President and Owner

Posted - March 18, 2022

The story of Pet King Brands began just a little over 20 years ago with Pamela K. Bosco and it is a remarkable one to share. In honor of International Women’s History Month, we celebrate her entrepreneurial spirit, her love for all animals and her significant contributions to the advancement of animal health.

What many do not know is Pamela began her business in the basement of her home as a young widow with four small children. As a devoted and involved mother with very limited means, she embarked on her journey to help animals. Her first employees were all moms. Many of her original team are still with the company.

“It was all moms working for Pam in the beginning,” recalls Deborah Brown, who heads up the customer service team and led the marketing efforts for many years. “She let us bring our kids to work, which was an amazing thing for all of us.”

Although the space was small, the idea driving Pamela was huge and something completely new in the healthcare market for dogs and cats.  ZYMOX® Otic was easy to use, free of harsh chemicals and antibiotics and didn’t require a painful cleaning of the pet’s ears before use to get positive results.

“It was such a novel idea at the time to use an enzymatic product instead of antibiotics,” said Pamela, about ZYMOX®. “We were going against the grain of everything out there. All the biological material in a pet’s ears worked with our product; the enzymes worked best in dirty ears.”

She credits much of her success to her upbringing and to one brother, Michael Pellico, the scientist behind the patented formulation of all of the ZYMOX Dermatology and Oratene Brushless Oral Care products.  Pam was the tenth child in a large, loving, tight-knit family of eleven children. They grew up on the southwest side of Chicago in the blue-collar suburb of Burbank. Their parents were hardworking and kind; her mom was a private duty nurse, and her dad was a post office employee with an entrepreneurial spirit. Education was highly valued – both formally and informally – and many of her most formative lessons occurred in the family’s huge backyard with her cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, and siblings.

Today, she has used her lifelong love of pets, concern for animal welfare, and strong business instincts to build a thriving business centered around helping animals live healthy, happy lives. It has been her unwavering values of family, pets as family and responsible stewardship of animals and our planet that has driven her. It is because of Pamela that pet parents and professionals now have effective products that help animals find relief from problematic ears and skin without antibiotics and oral care products that work without brushing.

Happy International Women’s History Month!

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