ZYMOX Celebrates Twenty Years Helping Pets Lead A Happy, Healthy Life

Posted - September 26, 2019
Yorkshire terriers celebrating

If the countless animals who  had their chronic ear problems cleared up;  itchy, allergy skin soothed; or yukky, stinky, dry mouth made sweet again could say THANK YOU…they’d say THANK YOU ZYMOX! ZYMOX celebrates twenty years in helping pets find relief and comfort, and live happy, healthy lives.      For 20 years, countless pets celebrate health and happiness thanks to ZYMOX! Since 1998 thousands of veterinarians have relied on ZYMOX Otic and Dermatology products as the answer to chronic ear and skin problems. And for pets who have dry mouth or other dental problems but don’t like their teeth brushed, Oratene Brushless Oral Care  products offer a fear-free experience for pets and pet parents alike. How’d ZYMOX orginate? Pamela Bosco-founder of Pet King Brands and originator of ZYMOX-rescued a German Shepard named Elizabeth who had chronic ear infections. Pamela turned to her brother to help develop the patented LP3 Enzyme system used in all ZYMOX and Oratene products. Those enzymes have incredible properties that pack a powerful punch and have helped Elizabeth and many other pets live a life free of chronic ear, skin or dental conditions. Pet King Brands is a small company making products that have a BIG impact. We believe we should be good stewards and provide quality care that does not harm our pets. All ZYMOX and Oratene products continue to offer relief without compromise….and we look forward to helping many other pets regain their health during the next twenty years. We have such a great story! If you’d like to learn more about our products or history send us a quick email info@petkingbrands.com

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