Tune in and Celebrate ALL Cats on Meowy Hour

Posted - January 19, 2021

By Arden Moore – The Pet Health and Safety Coach™

Imagine sitting on your sofa and watching cats perform live circus acts. Or raising a feline-themed cocktail to toast all cats everywhere. Or, learning the real differences in personalities and looks between the big boys of the cat world: Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats. Or hearing a rapper-turned-humane-cat-trapper sing a song dedicated to community cats.

All of this and more occurs every Wednesday night on Meowy Hour. I host Meowy Hour live on Facebook (with shows posted on YouTube). This one-hour show is devoted to all things c-a-t. It is presented by The Cat Fanciers’ Association (the world’s largest registry pedigreed cats) and sponsored by Pet King Brands, makers of ZYMOX ® and Oratene®.

CFA officials kicked off the show in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic when the coronavirus made it too risky to stage in-person cat shows and stuck-at-home people were getting a bit tired of binge watching on Netflix. The CFA has a long history of promoting pedigrees, but they are also major supporters for all cats as indicated by their growing numbers in their household cat divisions and new programs like Companion Cat World. Back in the summer, CFA asked me to host this show, along with my ginger boys, Pet Safety Cat Casey and Rusty the Purrformer. I took two seconds to say yes, recognizing the opportunity to “edu-tain” people all over the world about felines. Together with all-breed CFA judges Teresa Keiger and Kathy Black as my ‘co-pilots,’ we dedicate each Meowy Hour to celebrate, champion and honor felines.


Here’s a rundown of some Meowy Hour highlights from our featured guests:

  • A chemical in catnip known as nepetalactone is what creates the safe “buzz” in some cats who play with catnip-filled toys. However, catnip, an herb and member of the mint family, is a big turn off for such pests as mosquitos, flies and cockroaches. Source: Guest, Geralynn Cada of Meowijuana.
  • Broadway brought us “Cats,” but on Meowy Hour, best-selling author and musical director Amy Shojai sang a song from the show she co-produced called, “Strays, the Musical.” She is also a best-selling pet author in both fiction and non-fiction genres.
  • CFA president Darrell Newkirk made two guest host appearances in shows that drew audience members from all over the world, including China and Egypt. It turns out that Newkirk loves all cats, but his favorites are the Norwegian Forest Cat and Abyssinian as well as red tabbies.
  • We got some sage advice from guest Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, past president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners who operates a cat-only clinic in Chico, CA called Chico Hospital for Cats. Pet parents unintentionally can increase stress in cats when taking them for veterinary visits. One way to reduce stress is to make the carrier a welcome napping place at home by tossing in treats periodically, prior to the date of visit, and allowing your cat to enter and exit so your cat builds up a positive association. Then ensure it is a smooth, steady ride for your cat by holding the carrier with both hands against your body – and not allowing the carrier to swing and sway when toting it by the handle travelling from the vehicle to the veterinary clinic.
  • Yes, you can teach felines, from kittens to seniors, new tricks as demonstrated during a Meowy Hour show featuring renowned animal trainer Samantha Martin. Using clicker training and targeting techniques, she motivates her feline troupe called The Amazing Acro-Cats and the Rock Cats to jump through hoops, walk on large balls, ring bells and more circus-like acts. Many of her feline stars are rescued strays and shelter adoptees.
  • Sterling “TrapKing” Davis loves to create and sing rap songs, but he is fast becoming recognized globally as the “rapper-turned-humane-cat-trapper.” This Navy veteran is on a mission to give “a voice for the voiceless” by teaching others how to humanely trap, neuter, vaccinate, and return community cats to their cat colonies. And the best food to lure these cats? His go-to is mackerel. 
  • Looking to spruce up your home décor that also draws approval from your multi-cat household? World-acclaimed designer Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther treated Meowy Hour watchers to a room-by-room tour of her Phoenix, AZ home that features many fashionable-yet-functional cat trees, wall units and other furnishings for her dozen feline roommates. Her motto: “Making the world a better place for cats and the people who love them, one scratching post at a time.

As you can read, each show features something new, entertaining and educational. Join in on the fun every Wednesday night from 6-7 PM Eastern time. Think you know cat trivia? You can put your skills to the test each week and the winner receives a gift basket from Pet King Brands that includes ZYMOX Shampoo and Leave-On Conditioner, Ear Cleanser plus the Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel. We even end each Meowy Hour with a toast to all cats everywhere and feature a recipe for a “kitty” cocktail I create (yes, I am a licensed bartender) that are for human consumption. Some of the more popular ones include “Sidecar, Singapura Style,” “Kitty Libre Cocktail” and of course, the “Moscow Mew.”

Arden MooreArden Moore wears many collars in the pet world. She is a best-selling author, master certified pet first aid/CPR instructor, pet behavior consultant, host of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio and happy pet parent to a Furry Brady Bunch in Dallas. Learn more at www.ardenmoore.com.


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