Top Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe and Entertained While You’re at Home

Posted - March 27, 2020
Working from home with your dog

Right now, it seems like the whole world is sheltering in place to help combat the rise of coronavirus/COVID-19. If you live in a key city in your state, the chances are high that you’re either working from home for a couple of weeks or spending some quality time in self-isolation.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your pets with you during this period, you already know that you have a faithful companion to wait out the mandates with. While it’s important that you stay entertained, it’s also equally important that your pets get the stimulation and attention that they deserve at this time.

You’re rarely home aside from the evenings to them, so make these moments count! Here are six ways you can keep your pets happy and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subscribe to DogTV!

Yes, we know you love your Netflix, but we doubt that binging episodes of the latest drama is relaxing for your dog. If you’re fortunate enough to work from home or have some chores that need to be done without distraction, subscribe to DogTV!

This is the first entertainment channel directly catered towards dogs. Usually, 9.99 a month with most subscription services, this channel is currently free for 30 days while people and pets live through sheltering in place.

The content on this channel is dog-friendly and helps reduce stress and anxiety that can easily develop during this uncertain time.

Make a Fun Fort for Your Pets

We know that you’ve been trying to avoid big box stores for the necessities these last few weeks. So, as the Amazon boxes begin to accumulate, save them and take some time to create a fort for your cat and smaller pets.

Cardboard forts aren’t just for kids! We know you’ll have a great time building a tower of fun and your pets will enjoy traveling in and out of the caverns you create. This is a simple, affordable way to encourage stimulation and prevent boredom and depression from setting in when big trips out aren’t an option.

Have Some Photo Sessions

Put some fun outfits on your pet and play with the camera speed and effects on your phone! An impromptu photo session not only gives your pet some much needed TLC, but it also takes your mind off of the news that constantly surrounds us while at home.

Besides, can you think of a better image to share with your friends over messenger while you can’t get together to laugh in person?

Play Fetch in the Backyard

No, it’s not safe to take long public outings right now, but going outside is still on the table. Spend some time with your pup in the backyard either playing fetch or just chasing each other around. Trust us, this time outside is great for everyone involved!

Cuddles Always Work

After a day of fun-filled indoor-tainment, your dog or cat may just want to get some one-on-one cuddle time with you. This attention is important on the receiving and giving ends because you will both definitely feel the love just hanging out together on the couch.

Don’t Forget “Spa” Time with Pet King Brand Products

Finally, settle down for a DIY trip to the pet spa with your assortment of Pet King Brand products. Clean out dirty ears with the power of ZYMOX and keep their breath smelling fresh and bacteria-free with Oratene. Top if all off with our dermatology products and you’ll have one comfortable pet leading their happiest and healthiest life.

If you want to find out where to get ZYMOX and our other products get in touch with us today to find a veterinarian or supplier near you!

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