Telltale Signs Your Pet Has An Ear Problem

Posted - April 16, 2020
Dog scratching ears

We’ve all seen pets scratch at their ears and shake their heads around as they deal with even the most minor ear problems. However, letting ear irritation just hang around and not utilizing a pet ear product can lead to devastating effects.

Here are some of the telltale signs that your pet’s ears aren’t letting them live their happiest lives, and how ZYMOX can get them healthy again!

Common Ear Problems in Pets

Otitis Externa is a common issue that many dogs and cats face with their ears. While these ear infections may seem like something that should run its course, the facts are that an ignored ear infection can come with permanent consequences. Not only will your pets continue to have irritated or painful ears, but an infection that is unresolved can lead to:

  • Deafness
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Vestibular Disorders

Knowing the signs of your pet’s discomfort could make the difference between having a healthy, happy companion and a miserable one. Here are some of the unique signs of ear irritation within dogs and cats.

Signs of Ear Issues in Dogs

It’s very simple to know when your dog is experiencing ear irritation. From itching to ear flapping, the signs are both visible and odorous in some situations. Some of the most common signs of ear problems with dogs include:

  • Ear canal swelling
  • Odor
  • Discharge
  • Scabs or crust forming in the outer section of the canal

Signs of Ear Issues in Cats

Although cats also have similar symptoms of discoloration and odorous discharge, there are a couple of signs of ear problems that are unique to the species. If your cat’s ear irritation advances to the point of severe discomfort your pet may:

  • Begin to yowl in pain
  • Hiss at you as you approach
  • Lose its sense of balance

How ZYMOX Products Provide Relief

The special formulation in the ZYMOX ear products is a patented combination of enzymes. These naturally derived, no-sting ingredients provide relief and promote healthy ears without the use of antibiotics or harsh chemicals and create the most positive of ear experiences for your pets.

Our ear products are effective, gentle and so easy to use. And there is no trauma to the dog or cat when applying because ZYMOX works best in an uncleaned ear. That means less touching of those sensitive ears and less stress to both you and your pets.  

Help Your Pets Lead Happy Healthy Lives with ZYMOX

At ZYMOX, or motto is based on the belief that healthy animals lead happy lives. When irritation happens your furry friend may not always be at their best. ZYMOX can help them get back to feeling themselves and help keep them healthy.  To find the products in your area, click here.

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