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Keep your pet’s ears healthy and fresh with ZYMOX® Ear Care products for dogs, cats, and small animals. These gentle, non-toxic, no-sting products harness the power of enzymes with a natural, multi-complex enzyme formulation that works with less touch to sensitive ears—helping you create a positive ear care experience.
Trusted by veterinarians, ZYMOX has been helping pets find soothing relief for over 20 years. Whether you have an active dog who loves to swim, a cat prone to irritated ears, a pet affected by allergies or smelly ears, ZYMOX has a product to help keep your pet happy and their ears healthy.

For dirty ears, ZYMOX Ear Cleanser combines protein, enzymes, and surfactants to gently cleanse. For those ears with a build-up of exudate, ZYMOX Ear Solution provides two options with the patented combination of enzymes: ZYMOX Ear Solution with added 0.5% Hydrocortisone for itch relief and ZYMOX Ear Solution that can be used for a longer duration and is great for pets sensitive to corticosteroids.

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Which ZYMOX Ear Product Should be Used?

Can ZYMOX® Ear Solution be used to maintain healthy pet ears?

ZYMOX® Ear Solution will clean out exudate, help relieve irritations, and keep the ear clean. ZYMOX® Ear Solution is effective in maintenance of the ears, or to help with itching and discharge especially during the allergy season

What can I use to clean my pet's ears before I apply ZYMOX® Ear Solution?

You should not use any other ear preparations before or during applications of ZYMOX® Ear Solution because the enzyme activity that is present could become interrupted. The enzyme work best in a dirty environment. The use of ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser is only recommended after using a full course of ZYMOX® Ear Solution to keep dirty ears clean.

If ZYMOX® Ear Solution requires no pre-cleaning, then when would ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser be recommended?

The ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser is ideal for cleaning waxy, dirty ears. It is not always necessary to clean ears.

Can ZYMOX® Ear Solution be used for smelly ears?

ZYMOX® Ear Solution is to clean out troublesome exudate. If ear wax or dirt seems to be causing the odor, then ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser may be used.

I just cleaned my pet's ears. Can I still use the ear solution?

No problem. Just wait 24 hours and start then.

Is ZYMOX Ear Solution safe for cats?

The ZYMOX® LP3 Enzyme System is safe to use on cats. ZYMOX® is formulated without antibiotics, harsh chemicals and is non-toxic. It is ideal for dogs, cats of any age. Rabbits are don’t tolerate hydrocortisone so the HC free formula should be used.

What if a pet parent doesn’t see improvement when using ZYMOX® Ear Solution?

Occasionally, a pet parent will not achieve the desired results after two weeks of use. Often times this is due to the pet owner not following the recommended no pre-cleaning protocol or dosage amounts. Cleaning disrupts the enzymatic activity and may make the product less effective. The ear canal needs to be filled to make sure all the surfaces have come in contact with the product. A few drops will not be sufficient. If recommended directions have been followed, and after 7 days there is no improvement, then consult a veterinarian.

Can I use ZYMOX® Ear Solution along with antibiotics?

ZYMOX® Ear Solution may be used with any products administered orally. All ZYMOX® products are for topical use only and should not be used in conjunction with any other ear topical.

What is the benefit of the Hydrocortisone?

The anti-itch properties of Hydrocortisone have provided much relief to pets with itchy, irritated skin of either the ears or skin. It is important to note though, any product containing hydrocortisone shouldn’t be used on pregnant or lactating females or rabbits.

There are so many ZYMOX® ear products, which one do I use?

We have professional veterinary and retail lines of ZYMOX® products. They are available from vet clinics, select pet retailers and online from various sellers. Your retailer or vet can advise you.

My dog chewed up the bottle.

ZYMOX doesn’t contain toxic ingredients so is safe if licked. However, depending on your pet’s sensitivity it could cause nausea if enough is consumed.

Will this kill mites?

ZYMOX ear products are not pesticides, however it has been widely reported on the internet by users that claim it does as an off-label use.

Can I use the otic/ear solution on the skin?

Yes, it can be used on skin but it is a bit oily. We have a Cream and Spray formulated for skin application.

Will it work on black gunk in cat ear?

The Ear Solution and Otic will help to break down any debris in the ear.

Does it go IN the ear?

Yes, the product is to fill the ear canal to flood all the surfaces.

My dog is almost done nursing her puppies, can I use the ZYMOX Otic with hydrocortisone?

Some of the ZYMOX may be rubbed from the ear to other areas topically and the puppy licks the area. If a puppy licked the ZYMOX Otic from any area of the dog (puppies climb all over mom) it could potentially have an issue/irritant from ANY of the ingredients. 

I have a pet who likes to play in the water. Do you have a product that helps dry out the ear canal?

We do not offer any products to help dry out the ear canal and our ear solutions do not contain any drying agents.

My pet had a bad reaction from this product. What do I do?

Sensitivity to the product can happen, but advise the owner to discontinue use until they consult their vet.

Can I bathe my pet and still use this product?

Yes, but water can dilute the enzymes or completely wash them away. Advise to reapply solution after 24 hours.

Can I use this product longer than the recommended 7-10 days?

Verify that the owner is using the solution as directed. Recommend that they consult a veterinarian if they are not seeing improvement in their pets ears. Owner can use an Otic to manage chronic ear infections on a weekly basis if needed.

How do I get this product out of my pets fur?

Recommend natural baby wipes or another soft cleanser.

Can I use this on my horse?

Yes, Zymox Otics and Ear Solutions can be used on horses.

The Otic went into my pets eye and is now bothering them. What do I do?

Flush the eye with fresh water. If there is no improvement or conditions worsen advise they consult their veterinarian.

I use the Enzymatic Ear solution, but keep having to repeat treatment. Can I use this product for maintenance?

Are you using the product as recommended on the bottle? If the pet suffers from chronic ear issues, we recommend that they maintain their pet’s ears with the Zymox Enzymatic Solution instead of the Ear Cleanser. While maintaining the ears with the Ear Solution, advise that they restrict use to a weekly basis (1-2 times).

Does Otic help with Cauliflower ear?

The Otic with Hydrocortisone will help reduce swelling and irritation. If the cauliflower ear is brought on by an infection, Otic will most definitely help get rid of it.

Do I need to clean my pets ears after using the Ear Solution?

No, after applying the Ear Solution as directed you can wipe off any excess, but you do not need to clean out the inner ear completely.

Can I use the Enzymatic Ear Solution with the Ear Cleanser?

Yes it is safe to use the products together. However, the Ear Cleanser must be used AFTER the Ear Solution and not before or during.

I used ZYMOX and bunch of stuff came out of their ear. Is this normal?

This is more than likely the result of dirt, exudate, or even debris from ear mites being flushed from the ear and ear canal. Continue to use as directed and you should notice less pollution in your pet’s ear.

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