Pet King Brands’ ZYMOX® and Oratene® Proudly Made in the USA

Posted - October 20, 2020

Why Keeping it Local Has Been Important

There is a great deal of pride for us at Pet King Brands to be able to say our ZYMOX® Ear and Skin and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care products are made in the USA. This is especially true because we are in a time when it is very common for companies to manufacture their products outside of America to reduce costs and increase profits.  It’s never been a consideration for us. To have done so, would have meant compromise.

Over twenty years ago Pamela K Bosco launched our company with a vision to help animals around the world to live healthy, happy lives by providing effective solutions to support the health of pet’s ears, skin, and mouth – without compromise. That has meant pet health products that don’t have unwanted side effects, are free of antibiotics and harmful ingredients. It has also meant a refusal to compromise the quality of the products as well as the refusal to cut jobs in America. That is why Rancho Dominguez, CA is the manufacturing home for all Pet King Brands products. 

Keeping it local has given pet professionals and pet parents confidence knowing they are helping animals with superior products. It’s that kind of trust that Bosco doesn’t take for granted. Keeping it local also meant when the world was impacted with the COVID-19 pandemic and basic supplies suddenly became scarce, our products were not affected. Pets could get the relief they needed without having excessive wait times. Veterinary clinics, pet specialty retailers and the online shopping sites of our Authorized Seller Brand Partners had our products ready and available. Afterall, a pet’s health needs don’t stop because there is a pandemic.

As a pet centric company solely focused on the improving the health and comfort of animals, compromising ingredients or quality will never be an option for Pet King Brands. We are proudly made in the USA.


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