For the Love of All Pets

Posted - September 9, 2019

Welcome to Pet King Brands’ blog!

We have plans to share all kinds of information to help you care for your pet’s ears, skin or mouth and hopefully inspire you too.

We’re excited to be sharing with you because if you are like us, you have been deeply impacted by the love of a pet. This bond we share with our pets is also a bond we share among each other. This blog will serve as an outlet to share some of our joy as well as some tips to help you maximize your joy with your pet. Afterall, they enrich our lives so much and we want to enrich their lives, their comfort, and their health.

Everyone’s love story is unique but there is one special story that brings us here today. 20 years ago, Pet King Brands started with the love between a German Shephard rescue named Elizabeth who suffered from painful, chronic ear infections and our company owner, Pamela Bosco. Desperate to help, Pamela enlisted the resources of her bioscientist brother, Michael Pellico and ZYMOX® was borne. Since then, ZYMOX has helped thousands of pets, starting with Elizabeth. We are humbled and happy that our products have made such a difference to pets and to their people.

We knew we wanted to launch this blog but we didn’t know what to call it. It was surprisingly easy and seemed fitting too because the reason we do what we do comes from our heart and that’s because of the love for a pet – all pets.

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