Everything to Know About COVID-19 and Your Pets

Posted - March 20, 2020

The threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has now completely overshadowed our usual way of life. Restaurants and bars have closed, schools may not even reopen for the rest of the year, and everything that was “normal” in life is up in the air.

While it’s important to avoid human contact in order to protect those most vulnerable to the virus, what about your pets? Sure, your dogs and cats may be thrilled to see you staying at home in the next few weeks, but are they at risk?

At Pet King Brands we believe that healthy animals lead healthy lives. That’s why we’ve put our latest efforts into gathering the most important details about your pets and COVID-19.

Can My Dog or Cat Get COVID-19?

Although researchers currently believe that the COVID-19 virus originated from bats, this isn’t to say that your dog or cat is a threat to your household. While pets may carry specific coronaviruses, they can’t transmit them to humans.

It is highly unlikely that your pet will contract the virus. According to the CDC, there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 symptoms in pets living in the United States.

Tips for Approaching Pets Under a Pandemic

If you do manage to venture out of the house for a walk or some general fresh air, be wary of the dogs and people you meet. COVID-19 is easily spread, so even though you may enjoy petting the fur of the dogs you meet, exposing yourself to the general public puts you and other at-risk individuals in danger of catching the virus.

If you must pet a dog out with their owner, we say, simply practice social distancing and ensure that you and the owner are a safe six feet away. Also, remember to always wash your hands after touching a pet that isn’t yours.

Should I Quarantine My Pet?

Although pets aren’t currently susceptible to COVID-19, we recommend keeping your pets quarantined with you if you decide to self-quarantine during the next weeks. Keeping your pets indoors keeps you safe, so if you plan on staying in, make sure your pets are prepared for the indoor life.

How to Keep Your Pets Comfortable in Self-Quarantine

  • Invest in training pads
  • Play with them when you can to get their energy out
  • Train your dogs to know that indoor bathroom use is permissible in certain spots (i.e. pads, newspaper, litterbox for cats)

Continue to Help Your Healthy Pets Lead Happy Lives With ZYMOX

Although COVID-19 is a major threat to society, your pets still have to live with common issues like dry itchy skin, irritated ears, and the need for routine oral care. With our ZYMOX and Oratene products on your side, the Pet King Brands family can help you and your furry family get through any health obstacle that comes your way.

If you’d like to become a distributor of our products or need help finding a way to get ZYMOX in your home, we want to hear from you! Contact us to get in touch with one of our associates.

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