CFA Top Cat Challenge

Posted - December 10, 2020

Best in Show Pics (and Tricks) Fur Treats CITCC Qualifier Beeblebrox Farrah Pawcett as Bride of Frankenstein

Cats, cats, beautiful cats. Could this be the year of cats? If there are any silver linings that can found in 2020 its animal adoptions have been on the rise and so has cat ownership plus a new form of entertainment has emerged – virtual cat shows. Virtual what? Virtual competitions where cats compete for prizes and distinctions on the web via photographs or video When the Cat Fanciers Association approached us about The Top Cat Challenge, we knew we’d want to get in on this fun to help spread joy and celebrate the amazing companionship of cats. So ZYMOX® became a sponsor.

We also really liked that the virtual cat shows were being used as fund raisers, there are a lot of opportunities for mixed breeds to participate. We love all animals and all breeds but really liked the idea of showing some love to the household cat. There has been fun for all for newbies and veterans including some of these fun classes for cats with polka dots, spots and dots, and cats in costume.  There is also the Kids Say the Darndest Things youth video for children from ages 5-18.  

Spectators Choice Cairo Cat Party Qualifiers Maine Coon and Her Babies

Have you ever thought about participating in a cat show? The Cat Fanciers Association put together this video to show you just how easy it is to make a video submission.  Here’s an example for you to view.  All of this fun has been going on for a while with seven regional qualifiers with the top 10 in their classes advancing to the CFA’s International Top Cat Challenge in December.  This is described as a massive event featuring twenty conforming judging rings and an array of fun classes. There is also a video portion that doesn’t require your cat to have been in a qualifier.  Want to participate but do so as an observer? Spectators have been able to cast their votes and help raise money for various shelters, rescues and feline research.  You can find out more about how to enter or follow along

Obviously, there are benefits to ZYMOX sponsoring these shows because ZYMOX has been recommended by veterinarians for over twenty years to help manage the unique ear and skin needs of cats but there are pet parents who may just be dealing with a cat’s problem ears and skin.  Some cats have allergies and need the skin calming, itch relief benefits of our shampoo. And others may have issues with yeast build up, which ZYMOX helps with too. 

Best in Show NAR-Europe Qualifier GC GP RW Moonwhisper Ofelia

While other cats need to have their ears carefully managed. We are so happy to help so many animals find comfort and relief with a full line of enzyme-based ear and skin topicals that work without antibiotics or harsh chemicals. Yes, that was a shameless plug but we believe healthy animals lead happy lives.  Paws up to all cats and those who love them!!




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